About Us

Beautiful Views is a small family-operated business located in the beautiful foothills of the upstate region of South Carolina.

Charmaine and I started Beautiful Views in 2011 shortly after the company I worked for decided to close down its US operations and move offshore. When one door closes another opens…..right, well that’s the way we saw it, and Beautiful Views was born.

I was building acrylic window shelves for Charmaine to display her Miniature African Violets on in our windows. Our friends and family all loved our shelves so we decided to start this business and share our products and love of indoor plants with everyone.

Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service while providing quality products that you will love to use in your home. We hand make each of our shelves and strive to use as much “Made in the USA” materials as we possibly can.

Thank you for considering our products!


Jim & Charmaine Baggett