Installing With Hooks

Deeper windows can take advantage of using hooks to install our hanging window plant shelves. Hooks, along with being easy to install, perfectly compliment the minimalist styling of the shelves.


Tape Measure – Pencil – Ladder – Drill & proper sized bit to drill pilot holes for hooks


To use hooks the window needs to be at least 4″ deep at the top and at least 3.5″ at the shallowest spot, which is usually the area of the lower sash.

We only provide basic utility-style hooks, customer is responsible for purchasing decorative hooks if they need something to better match their decor.

Hooks should have a screw shank of at least 1″ so that they can penetrate far enough into the frame to safely support your plants. Small “Cup Hooks” are not recommended and may fail to support the weight of the shelves and your plants in the window.

Our plant shelves can also be suspended from the ceiling using Ceiling/Swag type hooks. Those that are interested in using ceiling mounts will most likely need longer cable lengths than our standard lengths, contact us for more information about setting up your unit with a custom cable length. We do NOT provide ceiling hooks.


beautiful views
beautiful views