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Free Shipping on U.S. Orders!


Hooks are another popular option for installing our window plant shelves!

The most popular hook options are:

  • Utility Hooks
  • Ceiling/Swag Hooks
  • Magnetic Hooks

Utility Hooks


Utility hooks should only be used when you know solid wood is available for the hook to screw into.

You should use at least a # 8 hook with 1" of screw shaft.

You will need at least 3" of clearance down the entire window length from the hook install point to ensure the lower shelves are obstruction free.

Blinds and shades will most likely not work with hook mount installs unless the windows are very deep.


Ceiling/Swag Hooks


Ceiling/Swag hooks can be used instead of utility hooks if you desire a more decorative hook.

Many ceiling/swag hooks will come with both a screw base and a toggle bolt base for use in hollow core areas like ceilings.

Be sure to adhere to the weight ratings for your hooks, especially toggle hooks in drywall.


Magnetic Hooks


Most commercial/office buildings will utilize metal frames around the window.

Several customers have used neodymium magnetic hooks to good success when the frames are made from a ferrous material like steel instead of aluminum.

As with the toggle hooks in drywall, be sure to adhere to the weight ratings for your hooks.


Photos of customer installs using hooks.