Let's install those shelves!

After collecting the measurements, the next step is to determine what type of mount will work best for your window!

"Windows with trim"

Most will find that our standard angle bracket attached to the top trim of the window will be their best option. Windows with at least 2" of free space will allow you to quickly install your shelves with a single fastner.

"Installing with hooks"

Installing from hooks works great for those lucky enough to have very deep windows. The shelves can be hung from hooks inside the window, from the ceiling or even on the wall with special fasteners.

"Windows without trim"

Mount blocks are available in several sizes to easily mount your shelves on the wall directly above your window.

"Extension Mounts"

Very shallow windows, less than 1.5" of free space, can use extension mounts to give you the extra space needed. If extension mounts are needed we can help you determine what will work best for you.