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Window Plant Shelves

by Beautiful Views

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Welcome to Beautiful Views!

We manufacture a unique window plant shelf that offers a functional and space saving solution for those that love to grow and enjoy plants inside their home.

We operate our small family business following three simple principles: Treat everyone as we would like to be treated - Build our products in America -

Use American made materials in our products and business whenever possible!

Jim and Charmaine Baggett


Our windows shelves can be purchased in three popular “Standard” sizes or, we can work with you to create “Custom” units just for your window!

Window Plant Shelves - 20" Standard Size

FREE SHIPPING - Within the contiguous U.S.


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  • Space saving window plant shelves that are perfect for apartments and those with limited outdoor space.
  • Pre-assembled and ready to hang. Shelves easily adjust to fit a wide range of plant heights.
  • Shelves and plants are supported by a single bracket and fastener resting on top of the window molding.
  • Mounting blocks and hardware are also included for windows that do not have window trim.
  • 20" wide 6" deep and up to 54" long - 3/64" cable and shelf supports provide a clean uncluttered look.
  • Multiple unit discounts! Buy 2 - 12% OFF!   Buy 3 - 16% OFF!   Buy 4 - 20% OFF!  Discount prices show in the cart at checkout.
  • Adjusting Shelves
  • Window Depth
  • Blinds & Shades
  • Windows With Trim
  • Windows Without Trim
  • Hang From Hooks
  • Ceiling & Magnetic Mount
  • Extension Mounts
  • Photo Gallery

All shelves are easily adjustable to any position along the cable.

Just loosen the stop collar with the supplied wrench, move to the new position and tighten the set screw.

The photo to the left shows the proper way to measure the "depth" of your window. Measure at the shallowest portion of the window, which is usually the bottom sash area.

Window depth is important because the shelves need to occupy a portion of the free space within the window well.

The photo on the right shows how the shelves will hang in the window and how they use the "free space" in the window well. If your window has a depth of 1.75" or less, you may need extension mounts to "push" the shelves out a couple of inches.

If you have questions or are unsure, you can contact us and we will be happy to help.

The photo on the left highlights the reason why shallow windows with blinds installed may not work with our shelves. Both, the blinds and the shelves need to occupy the same space in the window well.

If your window has blinds that can’t be removed, you may still be able to install our shelves as long as you leave the blinds in the up position. Many times, when the blinds are fully drawn up and only occupy the top 6" to 8" of the window, there may be enough free space for the shelves to fit as well.

It may be possible for our shelves to work with "Inside" mounted blinds and shades. "Outside" mounted blinds and shades will have to be removed unless you opt for a ceiling mount.

If you have questions or are unsure, you can contact us and we will be happy to help.

The angle bracket method is the most common way to mount our shelves.

A single finishing nail installed in the center mounting hole on the top of the angle bracket is all that is needed to secure the shelves to your top window trim!

All Standard units include a mounting block that can be used on windows without trim.

Find the center line of your window and make a mark about 1" from the edge.

Screws are supplied to attach the mounting block to the wall. Use the included level to make sure you install the mounting block level.

Attach the shelf angle bracket to the mounting block with the included screws.

The mounting block can be painted to match your wall color.

The minimum 3” clearance has to be for the entire length of the shelving unit, not just in the top area. You should also drill a pilot hole for the screw hook to prevent splitting your trim.

Ceiling/Swag Hooks

Ceiling/Swag hooks can be used instead of utility hooks if you desire a more decorative hook or if you are hanging your shelves from the ceiling.

Many ceiling/swag hooks will come with both a screw base and a toggle bolt base for use in hollow core areas like ceilings.

Be sure to adhere to the weight ratings for your hooks, especially toggle hooks in drywall.

Magnetic Hooks

Many commercial/office buildings will utilize metal frames around the window.

Several customers have used neodymium magnetic hooks to good success when the frames are made from a ferrous material like steel.

As with the toggle hooks in drywall, be sure to adhere to the weight ratings for your hooks.
Very shallow windows, less than 1.75" of free space, may need extension mounts to provide extra "free space" so that the shelves hang properly.

If extension mounts are needed we can help you determine what will work best for you.

If Your Ready To Order Custom Shelves Just Follow The Six Easy Steps Outlined Below !

You decide the length, width and number of shelves that will work for your window!

We work with you until you are 100% satisfied and your shelves are designed to perfectly fit your window and needs!


Step One: Use the Measurement Worksheet to record your window measurements and submit a photo of your window.


Step Two: We review your information. If we need clarification about a measurement we will contact you by email.


Step Three: Once we understand your project fully we email you a detailed invoice/estimate for your review.


Step Four: You review the invoice and inform us of any changes that you would like to apply to the project.


  Step Five: When you are 100% satisfied you complete the payment process.



Step Six: We build your shelves!

Custom Unit Pricing

Custom Units 12" to 20" Wide

Regular Price

Buy Any 2 Units
Get 12% Off

Buy Any 3 Units
Get 16% Off

Buy Any 4 Units
Get 20% Off

2 Shelves





3 Shelves





4 Shelves





Additional Shelves

ADD $20

Custom Units 21" to 28" Wide

Regular Price

Buy Any 2 Units
Get 12% Off

Buy Any 3 Units
Get 16% Off

Buy Any 4 Units
Get 20% Off

2 Shelves





3 Shelves





4 Shelves





Additional Shelves

Add $20