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Free Shipping on U.S. Orders!

Free Shipping on U.S. Orders!


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Fill your window with plants

Your windows are the perfect place to display your favorite plants. Perfect for apartments and those with limited outdoor space. Your plants receive plenty of light and you get a beautiful view!

Shelves can be custom fit to your windows

You can choose the number of shelves, overall length and the width (28" max) of your custom shelves. We help you determine the best mounting method for your window and the shelves are ready to hang right out of the box.

Standard four shelf units available through Amazon

We sell a four shelf unit (20" wide - 6" deep - 54" long) that will work in most windows through Amazon. Go to Amazon, read our product reviews and then decide if you can use the "Standard" unit or if you had rather have something custom sized to your window for a better fit.

Hand made in the usa

We hand build each unit utilizing as much "Made in the USA" materials as we can possibly can. Currently over 90% of the materials we use are American made!

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Plant Shelves
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