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What our customers say!

  • I love how easily this was hung on my window & how airy it is so I feel like I have a lot more light in my kitchen. It will also be easy to take down when I want to wash my windows which is great.

    Maggie K

  • So many great things to say. These arrived promptly, with great packaging and instructions and follow up from the seller. And the shelves themselves are really high quality, very ingenious design. You can customize them--I only use three in one window. They are perfect for what I wanted. Now I've moved, and I'm thinking about buying another set!

    Maggie C

  • I want to thank the genius for inventing these hanging shelves. I hung it myself in the dining room window for my plants. It was the perfect solution to keep my cats away.

    Joan Nash

  • Bought this as a gift and they loved it!

    Amazon Customer

  • Beautiful ! Easy to install ! Everything is provided, even the level ! (Okay, maybe not the hammer.)


  • I've had this shelf for a little over 4 months. I have to many cactus and succulents they are taking over and this shelf works great for me. My sister had purchased one way before me for her ever growing orchid collection. We both enjoy these very much and if I had more windows to put these in I would get another!


  • Love it. I dressed up a window that faced the street and now I have lots of little planters with cactus, etc. It's really cute and you can do so many things with it...like put little pumpkins for Halloween or other holiday decorations on it. Anything that is not too heavy. It's a great idea!


  • These are really nice. I winter a lot of plants and these shelves, while freeing up needed window exposure, add such a nice, clean look.

    gracie from new york

  • So gorgeous!! Absolutely love! Will be the perfect place for our plants when they come in for winter. We did paint the wooden bracket white to match our walls, but otherwise totally perfect and a breeze to put up.

    We're buying another one and foregoing curtains all together :).